Bridging The Gap (BTG)

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Part of Bridging the Gap between a treatment
program and A.A. is the Temporary Contact
Program, which is designed to help the alco-
holic in an alcoholism treatment program make
that transition.
As you know, one of the more “slippery” places
in the journey to sobriety is between the door
of the facility and the nearest A.A. group or
meeting. Some of us can tell you that, even
though we heard of A.A. in treatment, we were
too fearful to go.
A.A. experience suggests that attending meetings
regularly is critical. In order to bridge the gap,
A.A. members have volunteered to be temporary
contacts and introduce newcomers to Alcoholics
The video “Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous,” shown
to patients in treatment, emphasizes the impor-
tance of having a temporary contact as the essen-
tial link between treatment and recovery.
It is suggested that the temporary contact take
the newcomer to a variety of A.A. meetings; intro-
duce him or her to other A.A.s; insure that he or
she has the phone numbers of several A.A. mem-
bers, and share the experience of sponsorship
and a home group

Bridging the Gap Pamphlet

A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap-INSIDE People being released wanting to fill out to have a contact once released.

A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap-OUTSIDE People in A.A. wanting to make contact with someone being released.